What Dr. Geck's Patients Are Saying...

Name: Stephanie
Age: 16
City, State: Austin, TX
Condition Treated: Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis
Narrative: After surgery, I was a weaker person. I didn't think I could do a lot. Then, I came out of surgery a stronger person. I feel taller and better. I feel great!


Name: Marcia
Age: 68
City, State: Austin, TX
Condition Treated: Older adult scoliosis. Collapsing spine syndrome
Narrative: I've made it a point to be active and to stay active by doing the exercise regimen that I do, and going to line dancing, and mentoring, and teaching, and doing the different things that I do. Because if you through this, you don't want to get old too quickly.


Name: Stacy
Age: 28
City, State: Austin, TX
Condition Treated: Young adult scoliosis
Narrative: Dr. Geck took the time to answer all of the questions that we had. We were really happy and really impressed with everybody at his practice. He said I'd be back to my daily routine within four weeks, and I was. Within a couple of months after that, I was walking up to a mile. And within six months, I started jogging. Best of all, I don't have any back pain now. I wish I had done this ten years ago!