At Scoliosis Texas, we understand how hard it can be to choose a physician for scoliosis care. We see it every day. You’ve just received life-changing news for yourself, your child, or a cherished family member and now you have to decide what’s next. Here are some of the reasons why Dr. Matthew Geck and his team is your best choice for scoliosis care.


We focus exclusively on scoliosis, kyphosis, and other spinal deformities and have seen cases of every kind. Not only does Dr. Geck treat hundreds of scoliosis patients a year, he is also referred many of the most complicated patients with the most severe spinal deformities and most complicated problems in the country. In addition, he cares for scoliosis at every stage of life…children, adolescents, young adults, and older adults, giving him insight into how scoliosis affects patients at every age. That means you receive expert advice and care no matter your age or diagnosis.

We're one of the largest scoliosis centers in the country. We've been working to cure scoliosis for almost 20 years. Our depth of experience, both Dr. Geck’s and his clinical staff’s, contributes to every aspect of your care. We believe in the positive effects of expertise and experience and research data supports this point of view. An experienced surgeon (over 10 years experience, scoliosis focused practice) can have a complication rate as low as 2% using 4th generation techniques (Spine Deform. 2019 Jan;7(1):93-99). This effect of surgeon experience is so powerful, that it actually creates better patient reported outcomes (such as less pain and better function), which translates into happier, more functional patients post operatively (Spine Deformity 3 (2015) 496e501) (J Neurosurg Spine. 2019 Oct 25;32(2):207-220).

We have been at the cutting edge of scoliosis care and each subsequent innovation since we started here in Austin in 2002. This experience pays off for our patients. Research papers and study group data shows that in scoliosis care, experienced surgeons lead to better results and more importantly…better outcomes and happier patients.

But whether it is observation and monitoring or physical therapy for back pain in the mildest cases of scoliosis, tethering or minimally invasive surgery for idiopathic scoliosis, or the most complicated surgery to fix a patient with flatback or spinal cord compression, the final judges of our service to our community is our patients. Our goal is to return you or your child to normal life, and to take care of you or your child at every stage of life.

Research and Innovation

Our research arm, the Spine and Scoliosis Research Foundation, focuses on improving clinical spine care, minimally invasive scoliosis solutions, spinal tethering, improving patient safety, collecting and improving patient results and outcomes. This informs our clinical care, and helps us improve and innovate.

In our pediatric and adolescent scoliosis patients, we have innovated dual bracing techniques, 4th generation surgical techniques for Scoliosis and Scheuermanns Kyphosis, Minimally Invasive Scoliosis Surgery, spinal stapling or tethering (fusionless scoliosis surgery) via a minimal incision approach, halo gravity traction, and vertebral column resection for the most complex cases of spinal deformities. In addition, we have special expertise in transoral decompression and complex pediatric reconstruction for craniocervical abnormalities.

In adult patients, we have innovated the Ponte procedures for kyphosis and scoliosis, minimally invasive scoliosis surgery, complex reconstruction for flatback syndrome, progressing adult scoliosis, osteotomy surgery such as pedicle subtraction and vertebral column resection, and revision surgery for failed back and neck surgeries.

Global Presence

Dr. Geck is a leader in Global Outreach care for spinal deformities, and has partnerships and clinical relationships in Colombia, Costa Rica, Ukraine, and Ecuador, where he has cared for some of the most severe pediatric spinal deformities and cervical problems in the world. In his roles as visiting surgeon and Medical Director, he has gone one over 20 global outreach trips, supervised or performed over 200 surgeries, and seen over 1000 patients with severe or neglected spinal deformities. To ask for assistance setting up a global outreach site, refer a patient, support this work, or to learn more about it, please visit


Dr. Matthew Geck is involved in research that advances the treatment of scoliosis through his association with Dell Medical School in Austin, Texas. This video features Dr. Geck, Assistant Professor of Surgery at Dell Medical School, providing a lecture on minimally invasive scoliosis surgery at the Dell Medical School Grand Rounds in June 2023. The video outlines 2023 clinical outcomes for minimally invasive scoliosis surgery compared to traditional surgery with a single long incision. The video shows dramatic before/after images of successful scoliosis correction. Dr. Geck is a leader in the development of mini scoliosis surgery that uses three smaller incisions to correct the spinal curve rather than one long incision. The mini scoliosis surgery technique lessens blood loss and disruption to muscles and ligaments in the back. The smaller incisions enable the scoliosis surgery patient to recover more quickly with a less painful rehab. Few scoliosis surgeons in the United States are trained in mini scoliosis surgery. More information can be found at and Dr. Geck maintains an active Austin, Texas scoliosis practice specializing 100% in adult and adolescent scoliosis, which attracts scoliosis patients from across the United States to the nationally known spine center. The spine center is the only spine center in Texas featured on as a regional spine center of excellence.

Patient and Family Support and Resources

Counseling and Support: In addition to the medical counseling visit, a nursing team driven educational visit is offered and almost universally accepted, in which our experienced nurses prepare you for the emotional, physical, and logistical challenges of your or your loved ones disease process.

Lifestyle Change: Often a prolonged period of disability leads to issues with frailty, nutrition, exercise and physical activity, and nicotine use. We offer physical therapy, prehab, exercise counseling, and referrals and assistance with tobacco cessation.

Osteopenia/Osteoporosis Treatment: In scoliosis and kyphosis, often bone quality is both a contributor to disease progression and a barrier to treatment. In addition to bone quality couneling, we have a bone quality clinic for qualifying patients, in which anabolic bone treatments with abaloparatide (Tymlos) or teriparatide (Forteo) are managed. These treatments actually increase bone quality and density, reduce lifetime risk of fractures of the spine and hips, and minimize long term consequences of osteoporosis.

Educational Resources: From our online patient education library to our small group or one on one patient support system, we offer both patient and family centered education to assist with your decisions and care choices.