Scoliosis Screening is for children who do NOT have a confirmed diagnosis of a spinal deformity. If you already have a diagnosis of scoliosis or kyphosis or another complex spine problem, apply to be a patient throughs the New Patient Appointment Portal or call one of our New Patient Coordinators (phone numbers).

If you suspect that your child has scoliosis or kyphosis, or you have a school screening referral, and you do NOT have to have a confirmatory X ray, you can have your child evaluated here at ScoliosisTexas. You have two equally good options, both of which involve avoiding regular X rays and the radiation exposure they bring.

  • Make an appointment in our Scoliosis Screening Clinic. Here you will get a deformity exam by one of our experienced scoliosis screeners, and if necessary an EOS exam: a special high resolution, low radiation deformity X ray. Given the high quality of the x ray, this is the only exam you or your child will need for at least 4 months. Our Spine Center has the only outpatient EOS machine in Central Texas.
  • If your physician thinks you or your child have scoliosis or kyphosis, and they need to do the initial evaluation and referral (required in some health plans), get your scoliosis X rays done at the Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas EOS machine. The phone number there is (512) 324-0000.

Please do not get regular or “screening” x rays from a regular digital or analog x-ray machine. The reduction in radiation from the EOS machine is over 80%, such that we believe that all scoliosis evaluations should only be done with an EOS machine.

Matthew J. Geck, MD
Spine and Scoliosis Surgeon, Austin
Co-Chief, Texas Spine & Scoliosis
Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon
Fellowship-trained in Pediatric and Adult Spine Surgery